As the Tumbleweed goes by.

The trouble with blogging is finding the time to write one. Inspiration invariably strikes when one is not in a position to note it, and I rarely have the time to sit down and type when it does and I am near a keyboard.

Writing on a tablet or phone is pretty wretched at the best of times, it’s come a long way, but typing on a tablet is just not as conducive to writing and certainly not as satisfying as hammering away on a good mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches.

Oh the wondrous noise of productivity when you crack a tricky Powershell issue and the script just flies from your fingers, the rest of the office alerted to your success by the rapid clickyclickyclickyclickyclickyclicky of the keys, (Sometimes unfortunately followed by the particular sound of backspace being hit repeatedly) but I digress.

Laptops take that little bit too long to get out and get going, and aren’t exactly pocketable,¬†perhaps I should try a Chromebook, or in the car maybe I’ll try Google Voice Typing, the results could at least be amusing.

Either way, perhaps so my wife doesn’t have to put up with me bemoaning some lost IT cause due to an unforeseen bug, or undelivered promise I should make the time to note it here. I doubt many (if any!) will read it, but it gets the idea out of my head.



Another new beginning…

For not the first time I’ve been playing around with this, although this time not so much by choice! This blog was previously hosted at 34SP¬†who had been fine hosts for years, however they’ve now discontinued their personal hosting offering, and paying 5 quid a month for something I didn’t really use properly seemed a little excessive!

They’ve always been good, but as I’ve slowly moved my email first onto my own servers, then to and my domains to DynDNS I can’t really justify paying for their Pro hosting. So it’s farewell to them, and hello to the free WordPress hosting. I splashed out a whole $13 to use my own domain, big spender I know, but if I don’t update this, then I’m not out of pocket by much, and if I do, I can always migrate it elsewhere.

For those of you looking for a good host, then they’re worth checking out, the tech support has always been first rate and I’ve never had an issue with them.

I’ve not bothered to move across the two or three posts from the old blog, I can’t get into it right now and I don’t think they’re worth saving particularly, so they might appear, but probably not. I’m more likely to just rewrite the bits I did.

So expect the odd post on projects I’m working on, probably IT, car or mountain bike related and changing the country I’m living in as time goes by, but I wouldn’t be rushing back every day for new content!