Suddenly a wild switch appears…

After my disappointment at the Ubnt Edgeswitches not supporting IPv6 routing I thought I’d be leaving my plans to upgrade the core network in my lab for another year or two, but then I had a thought, if two years ago my Nortel 5520 switch was being knocked out cheap on EBay as it had gone end of life, was there something newer going through the same thing now?

The answer as it happens is yes, the Extreme Networks Summit x450e-48P has recently dropped out of support, and apparently at least one US Government agency was using them, so you can pick them up from EBay from a re-seller for about $200. Cheap as chips!

They do IPv6 routing (although you’d need to find one with the Advanced license for  OSPF) and the firmware is available free from the Extreme Networks site (although I haven’t got the SSL module yet (because of US export restrictions you have to be a company in the US to get into the download area, and I’m not a company so I’m waiting to see if they hand it over anyway!).

There is less power available for PoE (370W rather than the Nortel’s 500W) but I’m not running enough PoE kit to ever hit either limit, so that not an issue, and best of all, they’re bright purple, so how could I refuse?

This is why there is now one sat behind me as I put together its new config. Replacing my 2851 router and 5520-48-pwr switch with this unit should get me faster routing and at least 100-150W off the power usage, which will help with the Arizona summer heat.

We’ll see when she’s up and running of course, but if it knocks off 100W I’ll be happy, and the payoff in power savings should break even in less than two years.

Now I just need to learn the ExtremeOS syntax, documentation seems pretty good though…

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